Oni Hasan , with his unique playing style and instinctual knowledge about the six string , has materialized hus being as one of the incredible players of the industry. The passionate and equally talented guitarist from the legendary band warfaze talks about the ins and outs of him just being a guitarist

Oni Hasan Interview - Warfaze, Vibe
Oni Hasan Interview (Warfaze, Vibe)

Q: For our generation, introduction to metal starts with iron maiden or metallica and indeed we can safely name these two legends as the dictating factors behind snaping our music psyche. Was it same for you ?

Oni : Pretty much , but i would first like to name Slash – his solo in the video of November Rain compeltely blew me away. Other than that, Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Marty Friedman from Megadeth would go down into the list.

Q: They are all of rather similiar genres . As you grew up, did you venture into other genres?

Oni: No actually. It is mostly because of the passion with which i followed my dream of becoming a rockstar.

Q: So was it about chance or choice ?

Oni : Since i am mostly self taught , it was all about my own choice. I decided what i wanted to learn, and i learnt what i love. I am the kind of person who persistently follows a thing until i can reach the end and relish full satisfaction.

Q: Do you think it is limiting to restrict yourself to only a particular breed of similiar genres ?

Oni : I never felt my specialization limiting me but yes it is limiting to talents. That is why also dabble some of others genres sometimes, such as  when i played Re-Dhuns 2nd album i chose a slow acoustic number. Also i strummed along with Shahana Bajpayi in ‘Ekta chele’. That was a whole new experience for me because . when Arnob and i suddenly decided the guitar sounded way too mismatched with the song, i simply picked up a banjo and deliver a wild solo on it – and it was my first time with a banjo too! Apart from that ,i played for both the albums of Re-Dhuns and once played with Hyder Hussain as well.

Q: Okay so now we know about the ‘whos in your list of ‘inspiration;’ i would like to know about the whats in poetic terms we can call it your muses.

Oni: My muse is the feel of the guitar some thing that defines the very art of playing it. When i play, or i listen to someone playing, i try to feel the feel of the guitar . the feel of the notes – what they express and how they do so. This feel is the very thing that the artist extends to the audience as his expressions. This is another very reason why i am naming the idols of my playing to be idols.

Oni Hasan - Warfaze , Vibe
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